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Welcome to

Site last updated      07 Aug 2009 is your window into my passion and hobby and to provide some back up for existing reptile keepers via the reptile forum. I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for over 25 years, with experience ranging from Corn Snakes to Cobras - Sand Boas to Burmese Pythons. As with any hobby it's easy for it to get out of control, so a few years ago I decided to reduce the variety of reptiles I kept and instead specialise on species that are 100% suited to a captive environment. Currently our main focus is on Ball Python Morphs and Crested Geckos both of these species are MANY generations captive bred. The purpose of this website is to provide a platform to showcase my hobby and a place to display my surplus animals and also to provide a service to ALL reptile hobbyists, through the free reptile classifieds, reptile help forum and care sheet sections. Don't forget to check out our updated Free Reptile Classifieds service, which has 1000's of reptiles for sale.

People often ask if we do this for a living, the answer is no, this is our hobby, I have the same passion & dedication for this as others may have for their football team or keeping showing horses/dogs.

We also have a NEW phone number 0843 2899284 this number redirects to us no matter where we are, so you may experience a short delay in answering.

Hope you find this site both useful and interesting, Best regards, Scott Wilkinson

   All featured reptiles are from our OWN collection, past & present. Photography by Scott W & Stuart Howe January 2009 ~ All rights reserved - First web presence March 2004

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